Pea Fritters!!!!!

This is a bit off topic, but as a southerner in the north, it may actually be the most annoying difference between here and there: (lack of) Pea Fritters!

Everyone likes fish and chips, don’t they? Well.. not everyone likes fish.. I used to prefer a battered sausage (something else that’s hit and miss up here), and when I became a veggie, I swapped the sossies for pea fritters. I love pea fritters. 🙂

Then I moved north, and found out that they don’t exist up here. No-one’s even heard of them! Instead, there is mushy peas in pots, or scallops (battered potato and chips? Ever heard of variety?!) So I did some research, and even Londoners don’t know what they are – they seem to be limited to Hampshire and the counties that border it. Crazy!

So, what are pea fritters? Mushy peas in batter. Those are these:

They’re like an evolved pot of mushy peas. Someone like me must’ve thought “how am i supposed to eat these mushy peas while i’m on the move? I know – I’ll batter em!”

I did find a chippie that sold ‘pea fritters’ in Porthmadog in Wales. I use inverted commas, because they were mass produced, pre-cooked, tiny patties that tasted revolting. Real fritters are apparently made by getting a lump of frozen marrowfat peas, dipping them in batter, and then deep frying them.

I therefore urge anyone who reads this to try a Pea Fritter at least once. You might have to go to Hampshire or Dorset to do it, but it’s worth the trip (there’s lots of other lovely things to do, too). If that seems too much like hard work, then maybe try this recipe. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be as good as a chip shop fritter (Golf ball sized? Should be tennis ball sized!), but it looks like it’ll be pretty close. I’m going to try it myself sometime soon!

Pea Fritters!!!!


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