Back again

Hooray – the sun is out!  Well, it was..  

So, it seems that I’ve started suffering from seasonal affective disorder.  I dunno if it’s because I’ve moved north, or because the weather has become rubbish generally (the weather back in Southampton has been far worse!), or because I don’t get out as much due to a small child, or maybe it’s just age.  It’s probably all of the above!  What I do know is that for the past three winters, I’ve been depressed during the winter months, and it’s not something that I used to suffer from.  At least I recognize it now, and maybe I can do something about it next time.

The upshot of all this is that I found it hard to get into anything between November and March.  I didn’t feel like writing stuff, or reading stuff, or fiddling with stuff.  I spent most of the winter slumped on a sofa with that feeling of waiting for something, but not being sure what I was waiting for.  My PSC was also in effect, so I was jaundiced the whole time, too.

Turned out, I was waiting for the sun!  After a full day of proper sun, my mood lifted, my jaundice disappeared, and I felt interested in things again.  It started with people (I get VERY introverted when I’m feeling down. I think my wife was about to leave me), then computer games, and now it’s the turn of bikes!

There is much to do in bike land, as only my Carlton Cobra is in ridable condition…  

  • The Twenty needs a new cotter pin hammered in, after the old one sheared it’s thread.
  • The Tufftrax is in bits after I treated it for rust, and needs a new headset and a really good clean.
  • The ALX89 needs a new bolt for the rear brake, a new headset, and some paint cleanup.
  • The Kili Racer still needs the bottom bracket and seatpost extracted, and then needs building.

On top of all that, I’m still fighting the urge to buy new mountain bikes!  I don’t have the space, and I can’t afford it, but ooooh – look at that lovely aluminium Muddy Fox, and aaaah – look at how amazing that Kona looks!

Back to normal, then.  🙂


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